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November 29, 2007

Take one step and you’ve travelled about 3 ft. Do that 8 times and you’ve gone 24 ft. Which isn’t much, really, unless you’re going UP that high.

Once you get up over about 12 ft you start hugging the ladder. At around 16 ft an extension ladder starts to bounce with each step, and it seems like it wants to – really has a human like desire to – slide sideways. At 20 ft you feel for each rung with your foot before committing to moving upward any further. As you reach the wall and stretch higher your hands evolve into octopus like super suction grips, and you find later that you’ve got splinters in your cheek from the raw siding.

And you realize that it wasn’t always that way. When you were 20 years old it seemed you’d live forever, and even if you did fall how long could it hurt?  Now, at 46 you know that you probably won’t bounce, and even if you don’t die you’ll spend a fortune in medical bills and be out of work for a very, very long time.

However, you were probably safer at 20 than at 46, because your muscles weren’t cramped and frozen solid from fear, and therefore you had better balance and control.