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Cheese Making

January 30, 2008

Making our own cheese sounds like fun. Cream cheese, especially, sounds easy and tasty. I found the best price on a pretty standard cheese making kit which contains the rennet, some mesophilic and thermophilic starters, as well as cheese cloth and thermometers at this website.



January 10, 2008

I’ve been thinking of ways that I can do some woodworking with the beautiful Manzanita trees that grow on our property, either for crafts or for furniture. Therefore, I’ve done a little research and I thought you might find it useful to have all of the work I’ve done about these trees in one place.

“Manzanita water was the universal California drink [of the Native Americans]”
Survival Skills of Native California, by Paul D Campbell
.Excerpts from pages 149 to 151

Manzanita means “Little Apple” in Spanish, as the little berries look like miniature apples.

Below the fold I’ve got stuff about making wine from the manzanita berry, scientific information about why the bark is smooth, how it propagates, purported health benefits, and extensive excerpts on how the Native Americans used manzanita.

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