Slow Down

If you’re gunna work in construction, you have to be prepared for a rainy day. Its tough to work on a roof when its slippery, its hard on electric tools, its cold and miserable, and paint tends to run.

An office worker might see a drizzle as a commuting inconvenience, but if you’re standing and working in it all day its a miserable pain in the butt, a safety risk, and a health risk.

Do you stay and work one day, only to get hurt or sick and therefore miss several days?

Then again, a lot of what we do is backbreaking, so a day off here and there often feels more like a vacation. So you’ll see guys joking: draw a circle in the dirt and stand around it (or huddle around the hood of your truck for warmth while staring at the windshield) if one raindrop hits the windshield or within the circle then a yell goes out, “lets roll up!”

Really, this is a joke 99.9% of the time, ‘cuz we normally keep working until its just impossible.

There’s many reasons why we keep working anyway. The job needs to get done, mainly. People are depending on us. On the other hand, my wife is a slave driver – much more so than my boss. Further, we know there’ll be times when we don’t have any jobs lined up, so you can’t fritter away work just because of a little cold or some rain.

Currently, this is one of those times that we don’t have any work lined up. Thankfully, this is the first time this has happened since I switched careers from retail Loss Prevention to construction almost four years ago. I honestly thought we’d have many slow periods when I started with Bill, but up until now our biggest problem has often been that we had to work weekdays and weekends to try to get people’s jobs done.

Its driving my wife nuts though. Especially since its Christmas, and we have those credit card bills from our recent trip to Thailand.

We’re not the only ones who are slow. My neighbor’s rock quarry business is considering laying off workers for the first time in its 30 year history because there’s just not enough building going on.



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