Madera Building Code Changes

California is updating its building codes for the first time since 2001.
I’ll update this with more information in the future, but the skinny currently is that California is adopting much of the International Building Code (IBC) and moving away from the Universal Building Code (UBC) and California Building Code (CBC).

What those changes may mean will be subject to future posts.

In the meantime, here’s an article from the Madera Tribune that gives some info on what you can expect.
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” The switch, scheduled for Jan. 1, 2008, is expected to be heatedly discussed.

“We’re talking about major code changes,” said Jeff James, a Madera County building official. “It is expected to stress county staff,” he said, noting that many county employees have already gone to training to learn the new code and others are scheduled for future training. Though based on the international code, the new California code has many amendments.

The changes are in many categories, James said. “Structural design is changing tremendously. They’re going to become a little more stringent in the way you’re going to do your structural calculations.”


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