You don’t know *drywall* Jack

A drywall jack rents for about $20 per day, but is worth an extra person and a half.


If you’re just doing a little repair, then a drywall jack probably isn’t cost effective.

However, if you’re doing a whole ceiling, especially if you’re using img_8204.jpg4ft wide x 12 ft long drywall, or if your ceiling is 9 feet or taller, then a drywall jack is invaluable.  For 8 foot sheets you can just about do the work alone as long as you have a jack.  However, putting the sheet onto the jack by yourself will be a real struggle.

Its not as useful for doing walls.

Most rental yards have drywall jacks available, and they’re extremely simple to use. Just cut your drywall to the measurements you need, put it onto the jack, and hoist it into place. The jack holds it firmly in place while you nail it in.

You may be used to working without a jack. You know, you hold it with one hand while you try to nail with another, or hold it with your head (and get a bruise where your baseball cap has that little knob in the center), but once you use a jack you’ll never go back.


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